Marie Mac Sweeney

A recalcitrant woman in our ordinary world

Cooking for Galileo

Cooking for Galileo A collection of poems and short stories which explore the little and large aspects of life, country walks, harvests, lostness, love, grief, women making beds or silver ornaments, a woman with crossed arms! The discovery of bog bodies is explored. The Boyne estuary is celebrated and the Battle of the Boyne seen from a completely new angle. Some poems are concerned with the almost unutterable effects of war. Instruments and music are here too, and a kissing priest.
In keeping with the title poem of this collection, the world of astronomy is featured, in our human compulsion to see beyond what is seen, to know. Or in the poem 'Our Tale' where our fundamental dilemma is stated.
Stories in this collection range from the futuristic political funeral at Glasnevin Cemetery held on Bloomsday, 2038 to the compelling account of an Irish/Canadian couple on a return trip to Northern Ireland several years after they had visited a relative there during their honeymoon.

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